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I need Friendly and Unique art

Discussion in '=MGN= Graphics and Art' started by Raven39221, May 14, 2017.


Do you think this will look good?

  1. Yeah sure! Even if i don't know what your doing!

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  2. No,I want to see how this turns out first.

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  3. Maybe...Depends on what your doing.

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  1. Raven39221

    Raven39221 Unstoppable! Active Member

    Mar 5, 2016
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    Hello everyone!

    I need some kid friendly and unique .PNG art!
    These icons/pictures/characters have to be your creation.
    I need a few cute/funny/creative icons to use as bullet points
    for the following rules.

    A positive spirit:

    1: Smile more!
    2: Injoy yourself!
    3: Be gracious at all times!Help those in need.
    4: Welcome & include new people.
    5: No gossip or drama ever!
    6: Do not use profanity!
    7: Respect other members of MGN.
    8: Dont blame other members for something unless you have proof!
    9: Say nice things to other members!(I like your avatar btw!:-D)

    Discord chat:

    1: Greet members that say Hi.(Basic manners)
    2: Welcome new members that join the server.
    3: Dont use profanity!
    4: Dont start arguments.
    5: Try to be as mature as possible.
    6: Don't discuss politics!(VERY IMPORTANT)

    Discord Voice chat:

    1: Do not scream/yell.
    2: Be polite at all times!
    3: Don't beg for items on any game.
    4: Compliment other members when they say something nice.(Your voice sounds awesome!:-p)
    5: Don't talk about politics!(VERY IMPORTANT)
    6: Don't use profanity!
    7: Don't interrupt others while they talk!

    I am extremely excited to see what you guys can come up with!
    This is a supprize that im working on.
    Its going to be colourful and weird but for a good cause!

    Please number your submissions with the main heading
    sothat i know what rule you are trying to point out.

    I would really appreciate your Help!





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  2. M I N I O N

    M I N I O N Unstoppable! Active Member

    Jan 23, 2017
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    These are technically the rules of MGN lel. But what exactly do u need these for??