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Awarded Medals: *Disaster*

  1. Awarded: Aug 2, 2016


    Amazing skills at finding the best in every person. Good job!

  2. Awarded: Aug 2, 2016


    Helps for the sake of being helpful.

  3. Awarded: Aug 2, 2016


    This person knows how to get people rolling on the floor laughing.

  4. Awarded: Aug 2, 2016


    Made in 'honour' of all the twigs

  5. Awarded: Jul 31, 2016


    Awarded to members who are fun but a little on the crazy side. Just don’t give them more coffee ok?

  6. Awarded: Jul 28, 2016


    Always Friendly and Positive! Great Job!

  7. Awarded: Jun 27, 2016


    This person makes every new member feel welcome!

  8. Awarded: Mar 27, 2016

    Talented Artist

    Makes great works of art for =MGN=!

  9. Awarded: Mar 4, 2016

    Master of Bardic Birdsong

    This distinguished songwriter helped to weave the Seagull's beautiful theme song out of the glorious thin air!

  10. Awarded: Feb 24, 2016


    This person stays up all night checking the site :). Super activity badge :)

  11. Awarded: Feb 4, 2016


    Does way more than expected of them.