About Us

The Mature Gaming Network seeks to stand for a gaming world where each gamer treats another with respect.

=MGN= stands for the Mature Gaming Network

Who we are:

We are a family of mature gamers who care about respecting each other. We are a movement for mature gamers who love to relax, enjoy a game and make real friends online. We are a revolution against, selfish, hateful, angry gaming and a movement for groups of friends who want to have fun online in a bigger friendly community of mature gamers.

If you are looking for a home for yourself or your clan where you can kick back, relax and have a great time, join us.

The =MGN= Movement

MGNclan.com considers itself just one node in a great movement for mature gamers. We believe in a gaming world free of the immaturity and spazzing that too often takes place.
Anyone can join our movement by putting =MGN= in their name (gamertag, YT channel, website, art) provided they agree with our values and adhere to our conditions:

Our values are:

  • Maturity & Respect: A deep and sincere respect for other people. The ability to understand that others around you are more important than you.
  • Friendliness: People are more important than rules. It’s ok to be a noob and have no idea what you are doing… we all start there.
  • Community: An =MGN= team spirit, the desire to give more than take.

Our conditions are:

  • No commercial use: If you use the =MGN= name it’s not for a new business, its for someone who believes in =MGN= & wants to be part of OUR movement.
  • Don’t imply our endorsement: Don’t do stuff that implies that we endorse any thing you may want to do. Have fun though (is a must)!
  • Add this disclaimer somewhere on commercial stuff:
    *”=MGN= is an open movement for mature gamers who play for fun. Visit www.mgnclan.com/about/ for details. Legal: =MGN= clan logo is the property of MGNclan.com, however,all content, media, art or expressions visible here are this 100% the responsibility of their respective copyright holders and may not represent the views of MGNclan.com.”

You can use the name without asking permission. Feel free to ask if you have questions or want further permissions. We have never stopped even the most awful people from using our name and we hope to keep it that way. The idea with the opening up of our name use is to create a loose federation of gaming clans who believe in our ideals of friendly, positive & mature gaming.

Why MGNclan.com was created:

MGNclan.com is just one node of the greater =MGN= movement. This node was created to imagine, research and create a world where freedom of speech is paramount. Learn about our virtual world project here: